How to Deal With Toxic People in Your Life

They don’t value your point of view and your standards don’t count. ‘’They know best, you are not important.’’ In their eyes, you are still a bad , an ungrateful and selfish. And they think you are crazy because you don’t accept their views of reality.
Maybe the worst situation is when they are nice and sweet to your children but they are still mean and toxic to you.
You’ve tried to tell those toxic people how you feel, how hurt you are.
You’ve tried to reason with them and to prove to them you love them. But, you have never succeeded. You never will. They will never accept or approve of anything you do.
Well, you owe those toxic people nothing! Absolutely nothing! You owe everything to your future and to the wonderful life you can create. You owe everything to the family you need to protect and to set an example for them.
Here is how you can do avoid those bullies
1. Stand Up For Yourself
Ask them why they are treating you the way they do. Know that you can’t change their behavior, nor can you control it.
The only way you can control is the way you react. If you act as if everything is OK, toxic people will walk all over you and believe you are weak. Well, show them how strong you can be and never allow such treatment.
2. Never Forget
Do not forget what they have done to you. But, do not hate them. The more you hate them, the more depressing your life will become. In other words, toss all those negative feelings away and live happily.
3. Don’t Take Them Too Seriously
If you always start thinking about what they said or did, you will be overwhelmed with all the things they want you to do. But, the truth is, no matter how hard you tried, they never accepted or acknowledged your effort.
4. Hang Out With Positive People
Rebuild your confidence by spending time with positive people. It is best to find freedom by being surrounded by people that make you happy.
Encourage yourself to find new friends who will treat you properly. Remember, you deserve to be treated with respect. You have done nothing wrong.
5. Figure Out Your Soft Spot
Every single one of us has a soft spot.
If toxic people treat you with disrespect everytime, they see you, confront them. Do not allow them to physically or emotionally abuse you. Stay strong and defend yourself no matter what they ask of you.
Remember, you are your own person. You write your own story. Do NOT let them dictate yours.
Use natural remedies to manage your stress and anxiety if need it.

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